Opinions on Sercos – from real people, for real people


Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Ralf Schubert, Divisional Manager Technical Engineering and Assembly

"Rexroth has the best drives worldwide. They are innovative and have an excellent reputation in the industry. The Sercos interface, which is standardized worldwide, is designed to handle high-performance synchronization."


JTEKT Corporation

Toshihiro Yonezu, Manager CNC Group

"For now more than 12 years, Sercos is the ideal answer to our requirements: Its openness and independence allow us to maintain full control over our technology. The long-term tested function and comprehensive diagnosis possibilities are critical for our main business – reliable processing solutions of excellent and proven quality. Sercos based products help us to offer highly efficient, easy-to-handle, and failure-proof production systems to our global customers."


3S – Smart Software Solutions GmbH

Manfred Werner, Managing Director

"At 3S, there was never any doubt that we would implement Sercos III in our CoDeSys system. We have had very good experience with Sercos II. The excellent level of drive profile standardization allows us to operate devices from a variety of manufacturers without time-consuming drive development or modification. Sercos III already provides the basis for uncomplicated, reliable, fast, synchronous drive data transfer. We believe that it offers us and our customers very significant advantages."


König & Bauer AG

Andreas Birkenfeld, Division Manager Construction System Technology

"Our customers require maximum availability and fully synchronous operation from our printing machines. Simple, modular design in distributed networks, safety functions and a proven track record for precision are strong arguments which clearly speak in favor of Sercos as our bus system. Successful implementation of more than 20,000 axes in the field since 1995 confirms us in our conviction that we have made the right choice."


sercos international e.V.

Peter Lutz, Managing Director

"In developing Sercos, our member companies have driven the continuing evolution of the worldwide Sercos standard, turning it into a powerful real-time Ethernet solution. Sercos offers a whole range of new and innovative functions, and it sets the standard for current and future motion control applications. Sercos has now successfully made the transition from a drive interface to a general-purpose automation network."


TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH

Klaus Kemp, Project Manager Functional Safety/Software

"The importance of safe bus systems continues to increase in industrial automation. The Sercos safety concept is an essential element of modern system design."


KHS AG Packaging Competence Center

Werner Oster, Center/Manager Technical Sales/Product Support

"The system design fits in very well with our philosophy, and that was the crucial factor that tipped the scales in favor of Rexroth. Even back then, Rexroth was able to offer modular system architecture, and that gave us the tools that we needed to do exactly what we had in mind, namely to deliver electronics which every customer can comfortably handle on site."


Card-Monroe Corp.

Bill Christman, Director of R&D

"Our flexible tufting machines allow our customers to create innovative patterns and designs, improving their product quality and variation while increasing efficiency and productivity. This requires a fast deterministic machine control system that can be easily modified or updated, while shorting commissioning and startup time through portable programming. Sercos brings both requirements together, offering the best value as a bus system for our machines."


Fischer und Krecke GmbH & Co.

Harald Bollhöfener, Manager Electronic Engineering

"A robust real-time communication system is absolutely essential for the excellent print quality and reliability of our machines. The communication system guarantees fully synchronous operation and maximum availability combined with unrestricted productivity. We have decided to use Sercos which is the established standard in the real-time market."