Your benefit - Sercos lets you stand out

Now in its third generation, the Sercos manufacturer-independent bus system impresses with its unique combination of success factors.


More versatile

  • Periphery, drive, and safety-relevant communication, with Ethernet-based communication, via a single, integrated universal bus
  • Better IT integration with an integrated medium for IP communication from office to field level

More cost effective

  • Use of standard Ethernet components for networking
  • Cabling without active network components thanks to integrated 3-port switch function
  • Integration of activation logic for master and slave in standard FPGA modules or implementation via multi-protocol chips

More open

  • Real Ethernet communication via any IP protocol
  • Compatible with previous Sercos interface applications (drivers, applications, hardware)

Better standards compatibility

  • Standard real-time Ethernet i.a.w. IEC 61158 and 61784
  • Further development of first international standard for manufacturer-independent device profiles in digital real-time communication
  • Drive device profile i.a.w. new IEC standard 61800-7

Higher performance

  • Ultra-high efficiency and bandwidth usage through bundling of useful data
  • Tried-and-tested protocol for the most demanding real-time requirements, improved for compatibility with the Fast Ethernet standard
  • Sets the standard for motion control applications
  • Direct cross communication between peripheral devices and controllers
  • Efficient real-time data transfer with summation frame procedure
  • Bandwidth usage via channel bundling (multiplexing)
  • Short run times
  • Processing of telegrams on the fly
  • No need for active network components
  • Parallel processing of telegrams in ring topology

More flexible

  • Free device arrangement without functional restrictions
  • Drive concepts with centralized and decentralized signal processing in real time
  • Scalable power with a hierarchical, synchronized control network and real-time coupling

Greater availability

  • Immune against cable failure thanks to redundant wiring
  • Devices can be exchanged during operation (hot plugging)

Better safety

  • Safety functions to SIL 3 i.a.w. IEC 61508 with Sercos safety
  • Exact signal implementation and reliable cycling via hardware synchronization


  • Easy, straightforward line and ring structure
  • Simple configuration, commissioning, diagnosis, and maintenance
  • Fault-tolerant wiring
  • Precise fault diagnostics via clear protocol structure

Greater sustainability

  • Open, international standard
  • Manufacturer-independent technology and organization
  • Better investment protection thanks to backwards compatibility
  • Ongoing further development since 1985

More established

  • Leading control, drive, and automation component manufacturers around the world support Sercos with their products
  • Over 3 million Sercos interface nodes in 350,000+ applications worldwide