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Open Core Engineering

The Features of Open Core Engineering – Open Core Interface

Open Core Interface: IT programming goes Automation

Open Core Engineering combines PLC-based engineering and IT automation. This integrated approach is made possible by the Open Core Interface, the significant expansion of our solutions for machine automation.

The functional access direct to the control and drive core provides the integration of smart devices in industrial automation for example as a modern HMI, enables functions for PC-based IT automation, makes simulation easier and thus rapid control prototyping and also simplifies with a new level of flexibility to create individual control and drive functions.

The Open Core Interface is a programming interface to create high-level language based applications. Just as you can use PLC function blocks to program a controller with a PLC task, you can use the Open Core Interface. The extensive Software Development Kit (SDK) contains a variety of libraries and headers for the functional access to the control and drive. It’s seamlessly integrated into the respective development environments, like Visual Studio 2010 or Eclipse, and allows competent programming.

In the SDK download area of the engineering network you will find more detailed information about software integration, and an online reference with the function description of the provided libraries.

Open Core Interface offers the following options: