The features of Open Core Engineering

The Features of Open Core Engineering

Open Core Engineering brings together the previously separate worlds of the PLC and IT automation as broad portfolio of software tools, function toolkits, open standards and Open Core Interface.

According to the importance of a continuous engineering workflow Open Core Engineering addresses the complete development cycle of a machine – design, implementation and production.

In the center of Open Core Engineering is the "core", symbolizing all software features of our automation portfolio.

For an efficient usage in different applications, Open Core Engineering provides software tools and technology-oriented function toolkits based on open standards. Bridging to IT automation, the new Open Core Interface provides new degrees of freedom in machine automation.


Software tools

An optimally matched tool chain for all phases of the engineering workflow over the entire product life cycle of a machine is provided with Open Core Engineering.

Function toolkits

Function toolkits extend the PLC standard functionality of the engineering framework with technology-oriented solutions. These function packages accelerate the implementation, optimize the project workflow and increase productivity.


Open standards

Open Core Engineering is committed to use open, internationally recognized standards and latest technologies – a requirement for the flexible integration of our software solutions in the engineering environment.

Open Core Interface

Open Core Interface combines PLC-based engineering and IT automation and represents the significant expansion of our solutions for machine automation. The functional access direct to the control core provides a new level of flexibility.