Frame and plant construction


The application possibilities for Rexroth aluminum profiles are almost unlimited: Construct and scale frames, enclosures, and even special installations to precisely meet your needs in next to no time at all.



Applications with profile


  • Walkable industry platforms

    Walkable industry platforms

    The light-weight industry platforms made of standardized modular profile systems allow the customer-specific implementation of platforms that are easy to construct.

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  • Features


    • Walkable industry platforms for the best possible use of the height of he halls
    • Light-weight due to use of aluminum profiles
    • Delivered as a kit or in components
  • Usage


    • Tested statics provide safety
    • Versatile usage in buildings with limited permissible load capacity
    • Anodized profile provides a high-quality visual appearance

  • Ergonomic manual workplaces

    Ergonomic manual workplaces

    The newest generation of ergonomically optimized manual workplaces with innovative “Easy Lift” assembly and transport system and integrated “Easy Touch” logistic function.

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  • Features


    • Manual workplace utilizing the latest technology available with electrical height adjustment
    • Easy Lift permits the feed-in and movement of components weighing more than 200 kg onto the wear resistant tabletop with the help of mechanically retractable balls
    • The Easy Touch system enables the multi-flexible handling of crates with the aim of significantly increasing productivity and quality through ergonomic optimization
  • Usage


    • Height adjustment with Easy Touch allows optimal ergonomic work for employees of all sizes
    • With the help of Easy Lift, heavy workpieces can be rotated easily so they can be worked on safely from all sides
    • Due to its purely mechanical operation without any media supply, Easy Lift can be upgraded to a transport system without a crane
    • This means an increase in efficiency and reduction in numbers of work days lost due to illness as Easy Lift and Easy Touch can be operated without any physical stress to employees, which provides significant relief to the spine
    • Enhanced quality through motivated, satisfied employees

Customized workplace

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Workbench with manual height adjustment

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Mobile packaging bench

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Stand up/ESD/workstation linking for the production of spreaders for dialysis


Interlinked workstations with conveyor section


Frame enclosure of an assembly plant for steering systems


Flexible assembly line


Tightening station