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Ergonomic, economical - moving elements for optimum reach zone design

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Considering ergonomic aspects for workstations can make work enormously easier and protect the health of employees. The positive results: increased motivation, improved performance, efficiency and less absence through illness. This means a real bottom-line bonus in terms of productivity. Movable, adjustable components such as swivel bearings, supporting arm joints, bearing pedestals and swivel fastenings form the basis for ergonomic workstations. This allows quick adjustment of the working environment.

If the reach zone is ergonomically designed, it is based on the principle that all containers, devices and control elements are arranged so that they are easily accessible within the anatomical and physiological movement range of the operator. The swivel bearing and supporting arm joints take these material supply requirements into consideration. The investment pays for itself very quickly as it reduces the strain on the employees and saves time thanks to shorter grab distances. The individual setup of the workstation allows perfect adjustment to people of different sizes. For applications with greater loads, such as swiveling platforms for testing devices, a bearing pedestal is a popular alternative.

For particular optical requirements, the parts are available in a designLINE version as well as the smooth-polished standard version. The variant has a stylish, quality look seamlessly adaptable to aluminum profiles by a special aluminum-colored paint (RAL9006). The paint preserves ESD compliance and is also scratchproof.

The 180° swivel fastening allows ergonomically angled positioning of tools to allow better grabbing and putting down of parts. This is not only an option for upgrading the material shuttle and working platforms, it also improves the flexibility of the workstation.

All in all, the combination of products adds up to an ideal workplace setup which can also be adjusted to individual grabbing distances very quickly.

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