Function-integrated profiles: including cable guide!

Funktionsintegrierte Profile mit nutzbarem Innenraum

One Construction profile – plenty of room for ideas

The new function-integrated profiles (FIP) from Rexroth offer a large usable interior and finally create more space for your design ideas: the completely internal cable guide allows for the safe and space-saving laying of cables, data lines and hoses – and thanks to the new profile junctions, they can even be laid through profile connectors for the first time. This simplifies and speeds up not only the design process, but also assembly and installation.


Discover the function-integrated profiles and components


Product information

  • Benefits


    • Completely integrated wiring in the frame construction
    • Unique profile joints with internal cable guide
    • High flexibility with low component diversity (only 4 profile cross-sections)
    • Appealing design: closed outer surface, accentuated plastic parts
    • Little installation effort
    • Save time and money: easy design, installation and maintenance
  • Technical key data

    Technical key data

    • Grid dimension 40
    • Profile slot 10 mm
    • Profile cross-sections 40 x 120 x 120, 120 x 120, 60 x 120, 120 x 120 6N
    • User interior space 600 mm² to 4.000 mm²
    • Compatibel with Rexroth aluminium profile modular system
    • VDE certified
    • Suitible for EPA

Application according to sector and customer

  • Machine and system construction
  • Construction of machine frames and enclosures for automatic stations
  • Variable application possibilities through compatibility with Rexroth profile modular system
  • ESD environment

Clever Details

Bosch Rexroth FIPs application and integration Magnifier

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