ActiveShuttle - setting your intralogistics in motion



The autonomous transport system ActiveShuttle is already making entry into the factory of the future: it is implemented quickly without adapting your existing factory infrastructure, intuitive to operate, completely connected and safe for people to use!

ActiveShuttle automates and standardizes your internal flow of materials and goods. In the future, transport your dollies that are loaded with Small Load Carriers (SLC) in a highly flexible and secure manner. ActiveShuttle implements many transport concepts, from cyclical to consumption-based material supply systems. With automated loading and unloading, manual handling tasks are a thing of the past!

The ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS)

Create transparent and efficient internal processes using ActiveShuttle. The ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS) enables highly flexible order management, in which orders can be entered manually or automatically fed via third systems.


Automate your flow of materials and goods with ActiveShuttle


  • Advantages at a glance

    Plug & Go

    Implemented fast and easily, without adapting the existing factory infrastructure


    Automatic map update


    For material, human and machine



    Follows production and logistics processes, manually or automatically, via third systems


    Designed for 24/7 continuous use in mixed operation


    Optimized logistics processes, reducing space and materials, shorter throughput times

  • Key technical data - vehicle

    Size of the dollies: 600 x 400 mm oder 400 x 400 mm
    Transport weight: max. 260 kg
    Drive speed: max. 1m/s
    Localization (SLAM) & Navigation: Laser scanner, odometry
    Safety laser: Type 3, SIL2,
    performance level d
    ESD (electrostatic discharge): be fulfilled
    Battery: Li-Ion battery (48 V, 17.0 Ah)
    Data transfer: WLAN IEEE 802.11

  • Key technical data - AMS
    Order Management: Prioritization and distribution of pending transport orders to available ActiveShuttle
    Traffic Management: Traffic control center for smooth coordination of transport operations
    AMS Live Map: Changes in the factory environment are automatically detected by the vehicles on the floor and communicated to the entire ActiveShuttle fleet
    Obstacle Management: Safe navigation around obstacles
    Web-based GUI: Intuitive and user-friendly user interface
    Connection to third systems: Data format: JSON
    Supported protocols: Rest API, Web Socket
    Operating models: Bosch IT Server, Public Cloud, Enterprise IT /

Application according to sector and customer

  • Automotive
  • Automotive supplier industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Intralogistics in all sectors

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