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Material supply and flow rack systems


The system’s benefits yield results everywhere

Rexroth flow rack systems offer a wide range of options for storing and supplying materials and containers, regardless of segment: whether commerce, trade or industry. The flow rack systems can be used as a supermarket shelf at a central point or to directly supply containers at the workstation.

Economical: Thanks to various conveyor tracks and rollers

Universal: Thanks to customer-specified equipment and dimensions (MPScalc)

Future-proof: Thanks to easy conversion and expansion

Clear design: Thanks to colored rollers in the conveyor tracks (kanban)

Efficient: Thanks to incorporation of the FiFo principle

Inform yourselve also about the construction of workstations, material shuttles, or flow racks with our EcoShape Tubular Framing System .


The flow rack system XLean consists of a steel profile and rollers with or without a roller flange. This flow rack system is particularly cost-effective.


The flow rack system Lean is characterized by great flexibility and versatility. Red, yellow and green rollers provide visual indicators for timely replenishment, while also preventing surplus line-side inventory.


The flow rack system EcoFlow has universal rollers with variable widths. This makes EcoFlow ideal for heavy loads and workpiece pallets as well as for transporting materials in blister packs, wash frames, and cardboard boxes.

Individual components and modules

Absolute flexibility during the design phase for your flow rack is ensured through the use of modules and individual components.

  • XLean, Lean, EcoFlow modules
  • Individual components for XLean, Lean, EcoFlow
  • Individual components for all flow racks

Vario aluminum grab containers

Rexroth's program of grab containers offers a solution for the most varied demands when supplying small parts.

With its profiles of variable length, the Vario grab containers enable you to place materials of varying volumes and amounts easily and compactly in the tightest of spots.

The grab container base facilitates an ergonomically optimal adjustment of grab container stacking and its simple placement on the table or on horizontal and vertical strut profiles.

Plastic grab container

These sturdy and hard-wearing containers have ergonomically designed grab ledges. This enables parts to be grasped quickly and safely. Containers can be exchanged easily, cutting the time needed for commissioning, parts supply and converting the workstations.

Plastic grab containers can be supplied via a suspension profile or material shelves at the workstation and can also be integrated in a material shuttle.