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Workstation systems and accessories


With MPS, you can flexibly design your own individual workstation solution. You can choose from custom products, which enable you to put together the perfect solution using numerous parameters. Or select from standard products with fixed dimensions.

In addition, a comprehensive program of accessories consisting of workstation lighting, power supply, information provision and positioning of tools, as well as ESD components and swivel work chairs, is available.

Individually designed workstations ensure:

  • Targeted and optimized use of capacities
  • Work with reduced fatigue
  • Increased productivity
  • Motivated employees

Inform yourselve also about the construction of workstations, material shuttles, or flow racks with our EcoShape Tubular Framing System

Custom workstations

Custom workstations offer variable dimensions and versatile components for the individual and flexible configuration of your workstations.

For example, you can equip your workstation with a table top, material supply, and lighting. This allows for a kanban system layout, i.e. a division of assembly and logistics

Height-adjustable workstation

You can create ergonomically ideal working conditions by using a height-adjustable workstation which can be individually adapted to your employees’ physical dimensions. By easily changing between standing and sitting positions, your employees avoid uneven stresses and premature fatigue.

The electrically height-adjustable workstations offer particularly simple and smooth adjustment of working heights.

Workstation lighting

Rexroth’s system lamp range provides glare and flicker-free light of the highest quality (quality class A according to DIN 5035-T2).

Depending on the task, you can select a single lamp or combine and arrange several lamps at will.

With ready-to-use connection cables you can install them quickly and safely without needing an electrician.

Power supply

Rexroth's energy supply range makes it possible to integrate socket strips, power strips, connecting cables, air supplies, and foot pedals in your workstation.

On-hand information

Using components to make information available on-hand, you provide all important information right at the workstation and in production. Your workers can then make the right decisions and take immediate action.

The availability of important information guarantees clarity and is an important precondition for certification according to DIN/ISO 9000ff.

Optimum positioning of tools

Correct and ergonomic positioning of tools is the basis for a productive workstation design. Easy tool accessibility helps to avoid uneven, stressful movements.

Electrical case lifters

The electrical case lifter can be used for positioning parts ergonomically at the workstation. Its low overall height allows it to be installed under transfer systems, for instance.

Lifting velocity: 25 mm/s

Workstation accessories

Workstation accessories create a functional workstation layout and can be used at any station, increasing the efficiency of your workers. They provide defined storage spaces, support work processes, and ensure optimum transparency and ergonomics.

Swivel work chairs

Whether on a manual production line, in the clean room or during final inspection, if your staff sit down to perform their activities, they have a lot of different movements to execute. An incorrect body posture can quickly make itself felt in the form of muscular, back or joint complaints. In addition, as people age the correct circulation of blood through all parts of the body plays an increasingly important role.

The swivel work chairs from Bosch Rexroth have been optimally designed to these requirements. They support and promote the efficiency of your staff and help them maintain their health.

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