Identification System ID 15

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The ID 15 identification system is used wherever workpieces must be reliably identified in a production line. Typical applications include assembly or material flow systems where information is stored centrally in a database. The mobile data tag attached to the workpiece pallet contains an identification number that can be read without any contact by the read/write head while "passing by".

  • The read/write head (SLK) provides a direct connection to the actuator sensor level with AS-i via M12 connectors.
  • The ID15 enables dynamic data transmission: when passing at a distance of "a" and at a transport speed of up to 20 m/min.
  • A separate antenna with a USB connection, in conjunction with the ID15 diagnosis software, makes it possible to easily and quickly initialize the data tag.

Reliable identification: even at high speeds and from several sides In contrast to comparable systems, the ID 15 can also identify workpiece pallets or data tags as they move past the system – with absolute reliability and at speeds of up to 20 m/min. Its unique feature: the data tags can be read from several sides, making it optimum for use in longitudinal and transverse conveyor sections, without having to waste time rotating the workpiece pallet.

Flexibility throughout the line The ID 15 was designed with a multitude of application options and trouble-free integration in mind:

  1. Suitable for all Rexroth transfer systems and the VarioFlow workpiece pallet system
  2. Compatible with all controllers with AS-i specification 2.1 and analog profile 7.3 and 7.4 (common standards)
  3. Flexibility during assembly, thanks to a compact design and wide range of attachment and assembly kits for data tags and read/write heads
  4. Fast, simple rewriting of the data tags for production changes or line conversions