RFID Systems

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    ID 200

    With the Rexroth identification system ID 200, users can implement both RFID solutions with centralized and decentralized data management.

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    ID 15

    The Rexroth identification system ID 15 enables targeted workpiece pallet control to the corresponding workstations.


Secure and reliable data communication with RFID solutions from Rexroth

RFID systems ensure the flow of information accompanying goods in the assembly lines. Object-related data enable the targeted control of process and processing steps, as well as the type- or variant-dependent inward and outward transfer of workpiece pallets during the production of product variants on branched, flexible assembly systems. By documenting all process steps and production data, traceability when errors occur is also possible.

All RFID systems from Rexroth are read/write systems and support common field buses. They are perfectly matched to the transfer Ssystems and the VarioFlow chain conveyor system.


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RFID system ID 200 for central and decentralized data storage

With ID 200, RFID solutions can store data both centrally and decentrally. The use of standardized frequencies and transmission protocols allows the use of commercially available data tags. It is also modular and simple to install.

Overview of the ID 200:

  • Interfaces: PROFIBUS DP, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet, TCP/IP, RS232
  • Max. memory capacity: 2 KB
  • Max. reading distance: 35 mm

RFID system ID 15 for central data storage

With its compact size, ID 15 is perfect for small systems and central data storage. In contrast to comparable systems, ID 15 can also identify passing workpiece or data tags – completely reliably and running up to a speed of 20m/min.

Overview of the ID 15:

  • Interfaces: AS-i-Bus
  • Max. memory capacity: 15 Bit
  • Max. reading distance: 20 mm

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