Transfer systems

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    Transfer system TS 2plus with TS 2 Booster

    Brings more speed into your processes

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    Transfer system TS 1

    For precise assembly and fast processes.

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    Transfer system TS 2plus

    The all-rounder for a wide range of applications.

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    Transfer system TS 2pv

    Gentle, clean, economical.

    Ideal for solar module production.

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    Transfer system TS 5

    Modular and maintenance-free for loads > 400 kg.


Suitable transport systems for a diverse range of applications

The requirements are complex: High quantities with short cycle times and full automation or small batch sizes with high variant diversity in partially-automated systems with manual workstations. With their proven transfer systems, Rexroth offers economical transport solutions that can be scaled as needed for almost any application.

Your benefits: All systems are designed for modular flexibility. This speeds up planning – and allows you to easily upgrade or modify existing systems. Robust products and innovative technology ensures high reliability at low maintenance costs.

From classic transfer systems for transporting weights of a few grams to over 400 kg via linear motor-driven transfer systems for short-cycle applications: Discover the full range of our materials handling equipment!

It doesn’t matter what you need, we have the optimal solution!


Discover our products


Transfer system TS 1

Weight class: 0-3 kg. Workpiece pallet sizes 80 x 80 to 160 x 160 mm.

The TS 1 transfer system is specifically tailored to small, lightweight products and assemblies, which require high positioning accuracy and repeatability.

Transfer system TS 2plus

Weight class: 0-240 kg. Workpiece pallet sizes 160 x 160 to 1,200 x 1,200 mm.

From the automotive industry and the electronics industry to household appliances and electronics manufacturing: With their diverse system components, TS 2plus assembly lines are suitable for use in a wide range of industries.


Linear Tansfer system TS 2 Booster

Weight class: 50 kg. Workpiece pallet lengths up to 640 mm and workpiece pallet width up to 400 mm.

Maximum precision of up to ±10 μm. Flexible control and with accelerations of up to 4 g.

This smart sprinter can use its strengths directly in many TS 2plus systems, especially in the automotive, electronics, medical technology, acoustics and optics sectors and accelerate processes.

Transfer system TS 2pv

The transport system TS 2pv was developed as a tailor-made solution for the solar industry. Photovoltaic modules in both thin-film and silicon cell technology can be transported directly.


Transfer system TS 5

Weight class: 0-< 400 kg. Workpiece pallet sizes 455 x 455 to 1,040 x 845 mm.

The roller conveyor TS 5 conveys loads of up to 400 kg or more even over long distances and its robust construction make it especially suitable for harsh and oily environments.

Linear motor-driven transfer system ActiveMover

The ActiveMover linear motor transfer system can be used wherever products have to be transported particularly quickly and precisely. The workpiece pallets accelerate with up to 4g and achieve an extremely high dynamic. ActiveMover covers a wide range of assembly applications in electronics production, the automotive supply industry, medical technology and life sciences.


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