Transfer system TS 2plus – versatile, robust, adaptable


Flexible transport system for a wide range of applications

The TS 2plus is the all-rounder in conveyor technology! The Rexroth transfer system is designed for transport of workpiece pallets up to 240 kg. It features standardized modular units that can be combined in many ways to create a single system. The modular design permits the cost-effective use of ratio potentials in production. All components are designed to be particularly robust and ensure high operational safety.

The versatile transfer system TS 2plus is reliable even under difficult conditions, such as in ESD environments or in clean room and dry room applications, and is thus suitable for a variety of sectors, from the automotive industry, to electronics and electrical technology, through to medical technology and the optical industry. Transfer system TS 2plus: versatile, robust, adaptable.


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Product information

  • Advantages at a glance


    Versatile modular system with standardized units that meets the requirements of a wide range of different products


    A high maximum load of up to 240 kg per workpiece pallet


    All-rounder for cost-effective production, workpiece pallet dimensions tailored to the product size

  • Key technical data

    Mass of workpiece pallet: Up to 240 kg
    Size of workpiece pallet: 160 x 160 mm to 1,200 x 1,200 mm
    Workpiece pallet types: Carrying plate made of steel or aluminum, alternatively open frame made of aluminum profiles
    Conveyor media: Belt, toothed belt, flat top chain, accumulation roller chain, Vplus chain
    Conveyance speed: 6/9/12/15/18 m/min
    Section load: Up to 200 kg/m in accumulation

  • Special components

    4 different types of conveyor medium: Polyamide belt, toothed belt, flat top chain and accumulation roller chain
    Liftgate: For easy access
    TS 2 Booster workpiece pallet:
    • Acceleration max. 4g / 40 m/s2
    • Speed max. 4m/s (240 m/min)
    EcoLift EL 2:
    • Scalable for workpiece pallets up to 800 x 800 mm
    • Suitalbe for worklpiece carriers weights up to 60 kg
    • Transport height: from 290 mm up to 1,790 mm
    3-phase motors: Effective energy use, efficiency class IE3


Industries and customer applications

  • Automotive industry
  • Electrical devices
  • Electronics with ESD requirement
  • Medical technology
  • Sanitary
  • ESD environments
  • Clean room and dry room applications
Battery pack assembly in the automotive industry Magnifier

Battery pack assembly in the automotive industry

Energy-efficient plant conveyor system with the transfer system TS 2plus Magnifier

Energy-efficient plant conveyor system with the transfer system TS 2plus

Transport of golf ball packaging with the transfer syste TS 2plus Magnifier

Transport of golf ball packaging with the transfer syste TS 2plus


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