Workpiece Pallet

  • Available in two versions:

    – 2 magnet plates (≤ 2 kg load)

    – 3 magnet plates (≤ 10 kg load)
  • Protective plate to shield magnetic field
  • Low-wear, quiet and low-vibration plastic guide rollers
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting thanks to lubricating felt to evenly lubricate guide rails/rollers
  • Variable load centers of gravity thanks to guide rollers
  • Data carrier (1) for uniquely identifying the workpiece pallet (data integrity)
  • Reading head (2) for reading the data at full speed and acceleration
  • Assembly kit (3) for mounting the reading head and adjusting the distance between reading head and data carrier
  • Infrared data transmission
  • Configuration via AMpro software

Subject to change, status 2019-02-13 12:31:22