Embedded Controls

Additional information

The wide range of scalable embedded control hardware flexibly extends centralized and decentralized automation topologies. The system can be integrated using the Sercos automation bus and other fieldbus and Ethernet-based protocols. Optional safety function/extension modules allow the simple expansion to SafeLogic control.

  • Scalable performance and functionality
  • Standardized communications interfaces
  • Simple, flexible I/O integration
  • Optionally expandable with function modules (communication, technology, safety)
  • Protection type IP20
  • Scaled in the scope of performance and functions based on the latest chip technology
  • Robust design with extended temperature range
  • Simple, flexible I/O integration
  • Optionally expandable with extension modules (communication, safety)
  • Protection type IP20
  • Compact design for reduced installation space
  • Compact size
  • Integrated motion control
  • Drive modules, I/O interfaces
  • Scalable solutions thanks to modular design

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