The central software tool is the IndraWorks engineering framework for efficient planning, programming, commissioning and diagnosis of different applications via the entire product lifecycle of a machine.

Function toolkits expand the functionality of the standard PLC engineering framework IndraWorks with technology-based solutions. These function packages accelerate the implementation of complex machine processes, optimize the project workflow in the machine manufacturing through additional engineering interfaces or increase productivity through the homogeneous integration of advanced machine functionality.


  • Fast engineering with guided workflows
  • Comfortable programming environment for all PLC functions
  • Comprehensive software libraries compliant with IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
  • Ready-made user interface, including header, user areas, user management
  • Integrated diagnosis for control and drive messages
  • Accelerated implementation of complex tasks
  • Seamless integration of advanced machine functions
  • Extensive libraries for acceleration of the programming
  • Optimized workflow thanks to additional engineering interfaces
  • Modular engineering through versioning

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