Software tools

Tools for the entire engineering workflow

  • Fast engineering with guided workflows
  • Comfortable programming environment for all PLC functions
  • Comprehensive software libraries compliant with IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
  • Ready-made user interface, including header, user areas, user management
  • Integrated diagnosis for control and drive messages

The central software tool is the IndraWorks engineering framework for efficient planning, programming, commissioning and diagnosis of different applications via the entire product lifecycle of a machine.

Further tools, such as WinStudio, for example, for visualization design, SafeLogic Designer for configuration and programming of safety controls, or WebConnector for control connection to the IT level, complete the portfolio of high-performance engineering tools.


  • PLC and Motion control programming based on CoDeSys V3 with object-oriented language extensions
  • Intelligent, wizard-supported operation
  • Comprehensive software libraries acc. to IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
  • Standardized interfaces such as FDT/DTM, connection of version control systems and automation interface
  • Detailed diagnoses
  • Pre-defined user interface including header, operating areas, user management and more
  • Application-specific upgradeability via the dialog-box planning in IndraWorks Engineering
  • Integration of customer-specific applications such as ActiveX or .NET Controls
  • Consistent data storage - PLC, Motion and HMI in one project
  • Integrated diagnosis for control and drive messages
  • Easy project planning of the system visualization
  • Auto-screen scaling
  • Clear selection of objects by using the Project Explorer
  • Dynamic generation of web pages
  • Project planning without knowledge of high-level languages
  • Simple generation of cams with the help of graphic objects
  • Utilization of motion laws according to VDI 2143
  • Switching between standardized and evaluated views
  • Import/export functionality with various formats
  • Zoom functionality
  • Language management of the application
  • Project and firmware download
  • Definition of free menu structures
  • Font editor for creating your own character sets
  • Intuitive engineering of individual or EFI-connected stations
  • Detailed logic and hardware mapping
  • Graphic programming of function block diagram of up to 255 logic blocks
  • Comprehensive module library
  • Offline simulation
  • Platform-independent - runs on all devices with a Java Runtime (Java Runtime Environment, JRE)
  • Rapid data exchange via WebSockets
  • Communication with subordinate devices via OPC UA and Open Core Interface
  • Integrated web server for web-based HMIs
  • HTML5-based creation of device-independent visualization interfaces
  • Integrated in IndraWorks Engineering, including online image preview and process connectivity
  • Direct process data access to all Rexroth automation components
  • Creation of commissioning interfaces (component of the IndraWorks engineering license)
  • Creation of specific websites for WebAssistant (software option)

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