Industrial IoT

  • Maximum production capacity and long-term availability thanks to non-reactive updates during the production process
  • Local storage of machine data for maintenance
  • Fully integrated IT security standards for access control and remote maintenance
  • Seamless integration in the Bosch Nexeed industrial application system
  • Plug-and-run – browser-based configuration
  • Everything from a single source – solutions ranging from sensors to the cloud
  • Connectivity – connection of a multitude of data sources and IT systems possible
  • Device Management via Device Portal – central access to management of your IoT devices (remote access, backup/restore, software deployment)
  • Firewall and VPN network segmentation, protection against unauthorized access by third parties and setup of a VPN tunnel for secure remote maintenance
  • Platform-independent - runs on all devices with a Java Runtime (Java Runtime Environment, JRE)
  • Rapid data exchange via WebSockets
  • Communication with subordinate devices via OPC UA and Open Core Interface
  • Integrated web server for web-based HMIs

Subject to change, status 2022-04-07 08:05:46