IoT Gateway software – Get ready for Industry 4.0!

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    Quickly, easily and cost efficiently

    You can use the IoT Gateway software from Rexroth to make your production machines ready for Industry 4.0.

Making machines IoT-ready and smart

Many plants and machines have not yet arrived in the digital age. They first need to be connected in order to be able to make use of the benefits of the Industrial IoT. The solution is the IoT Gateway software that you can use for already installed machines as well as for new machines.

The IoT Gateway software makes your machine and process data more transparent. Real-time monitoring of process data such as temperature, pressure, vibration etc. ensure that your production is consistently of high quality. Rule-based analysis of specific information simplifies predictive and plannable maintenance of your plants.


Plug and play

browser-based configuration

You can configure and commission the IoT Gateway software quickly, conveniently and completely free of programming via the integrated web interface - without intervening in the automation logic.


connecting a variety of data sources and IT systems

We offer a variety of data sources and IT systems to choose from. You will find the perfect solution for your business.

From a single source

solutions ranging from sensors to the cloud

You will find everything you need to connect your machine in our range. From sensors to hardware and software solutions.



open interfaces and manufacturer-independent solutions

The IoT Gateway software architecture is basically built on open software standards.


making machines easily and cost efficiently ready for the IoT

By using an IoT Gateway software, you can offer your customer a machine that has extensive connectivity and is therefore ideally equipped for i4.0.

KPI improvement

boost productivity and efficiency

The IoT Gateway software makes your machine and process data more transparent. Real-time monitoring ensures consistently high quality.

  • Software

    Comprehensive software functions

    IoT Gateway software functions Magnifier
  • Hardware

    Demand-oriented selection of hardware

    Bosch Rexroth offers the right hardware for the efficient and cost-effective integration of IoT solutions – from sensors to high-performance IPCs.

    Embedded control XM2

    • XM21 (basic) and XM22 (high performance)
    • Ideal for external sensor integration
    • PLC functionality


    Box PC PR21

    Box-PC PR21
    • Ideal for Ethernet based communication
    • Small and cost efficient
    • USB, WiFi, HDMI

  • Device Portal

    Device Portal

    Device Portal

    In addition to the IoT Gateway software, Bosch Rexroth and Bosch Connected Industry offer the Device Portal, which enables the digital management of IoT Devices throughout the entire product life cycle. Remote access in the event of downtime and the installation of new functions and updates on local IoT Devices is made easy thanks to the Device Portal!

    • Central monitoring of globally installed industrial IoT Devices
    • Remote access to industrial IoT Device (e.g. in case of reconfiguration)
    • Deployment of new functionalities (e.g. edge analytics) to industrial IoT Devices worldwide
    • Simplified and clear visualization and handling of IoT Devices

    Flyer Device Portal

  • Starter Kit

    Starter Kit: Production Peformance Manager and IoT Gateway

    Starter Kit Magnifier

    The IoT Gateway software is available as a stand-alone solution and as part of a Starter Kit.

    The Starter Kit contains in addition to the IoT Gateway software the Production Performance Manager (PPM) from Bosch Software Innovations. The PPM merges the collected information into one visualization and forwards specified events to defined persons.

    With the Starter Kit, you can find out almost immediately how ready your production facility is for Industry 4.0. The combination of expert knowledge, software, and hardware provides you with a simple and cost-efficient way of networking your machinery and systems. You can then use the new information you gain to improve your production processes and product quality.

    We will work with you to develop an initial custom use case, integrate the relevant machinery into the software solution, and identify potential for optimization so as to improve your production.

    Additionally, we will provide you with a hardware element in order to ensure a seamless collection and monitoring of data. We will support you in the installation of the hardware and software at a commonly defined machine. You will also learn how to integrate, digitally visualize, and optimize more production machinery, systems, and lines yourself.


    More information:

    Starter Kit Flyer

    Bosch Software Innovations

  • Use Case

    IoT Gateway and Production Performance Manager

    IoT Gateway

    At the Bosch plant in Homburg, engineers have used the IoT Gateway software to network a test facility for hydraulic valves from 2007. Thanks to new sensors that monitor the quality of the oil used, it is now possible to determine the time of the required oil change much more accurately than before. This saves time, money and protects the environment.

    In addition to the IoT Gateway software, Bosch also provides the software needed to analyze, format and display data in the Bosch IoT Cloud, for example. For the test facilities in Homburg, the IoT Gateway software sends the sensor data to a PC that has been installed with standard Bosch software modules.

    The Production Performance Manager (PPM) from Bosch Software Innovations is a production information and evaluation system. It records production and machine data from the networked test facility in close to real time. The module merges the information into a single visualization and forwards specified events to defined persons. Using the PPM, employees can intervene before critical situations possibly leading to system downtime arise.


    Networking of existing machines (test facilities) and sensory monitoring of the test medium and the formatting units

    Automated monitoring of the ISO purity classes of the test medium (customer request) - Previously a manual process

    Continuous status monitoring of formatting units (filters) and automated alerts and ordering of maintenance - Previously a manual process


    ROI < 1.5 years

    Maintenance costs -25 %

    OEE +5 %

    Complexity for manual testing -20 %

    More information

    Video: Connected manufacturing live with the Industry 4.0 showcase

  • Security

    IT-Security made easy

    IoT Security Magnifier

    Firewall app:

    • Segmentation of the machine network for increased protection of your production against viruses and trojans
    • User-friendly configuration of firewall rules to prevent unauthorized access from outside
    • Additional security is provided by regular updates via the Device Portal

    VPN app:

    • Secure remote maintenance of your machines with the IoT Gateway as VPN endpoint in the factory
    • Encrypted transmission of your sensor and production data into superimposed systems