IndraDrive Mi –
Control cabinet up to 100 percent savings

IndraDrive Mi - integrated drive electronics by Bosch Rexroth

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Modular machine concepts tap great potential when it comes to realizing ever more flexible time-to-market production. Due to the increasing prevalance of electrical servo drives, control cabinets have also become larger over time – a highly counterproductive development that raises space and cost issues.

IndraDrive Mi provides the answer: By integrating drive electronics and motor technology into a single unit, the Mi system greatly reduces the hardware required in the control cabinet. Only the compact control unit (KCU) must be installed next to a supply unit to make all connections to all decentralized drives available at a common connection point. A single cable (instead of 2 for XX drives) safeguards the voltage supply and communication for the entire chain of drives. This also means that the more drives are installed for each plant and control cabinet, the more efficiently they operate!

Decentralized supply through integrated drive electronics

However, the IndraDrive Mi system can also be completely self-sufficient and cabinet-free with the IP65 supply module. The mains module (KNK) is connected directly to the power grid. The supply module (KMV) replaces the regenerative power supply and control electronics in the control cabinet. This means the entire drive system can be integrated directly into the machine. Any power supply components still in the control cabinet (mains filter, mains contactor, mains throttle, supply unit) are eliminated.

Reduce wiring by 90 percent

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Up to 100 percent less energy consumption for control cabinet cooling

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