IndraDrive Mi –
Up to 100 percent less energy consumption for control cabinet cooling

IndraDrive Mi - cabinet-free drive system by Bosch Rexroth

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IndraDrive Mi meets very high energy efficiency standards like almost no other cabinet-free drive system can, thanks to its system design. Moving drive electronics to the field greatly reduces energy loss in the control cabinet, which no longer needs an A/C system. Additional energy savings potential is tapped due to the possibilities of DC linking and power recovery.

Interlinking energy flows across the shared supply cable allows energy to be exchanged between all drives: When a drive brakes, for example, the generated braking energy is sent to a drive that is accelerating. The energy remains within the system! The DC supply can also be provided via modular supply units. The regenerative variant with actively regulated DC voltage facilitates the implementation of intelligent supply concepts such as smart energy mode.

Control cabinet up to 100 percent savings

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Reduce wiring by 90 percent

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