IndraDrive Mi –
Reduce wiring by 90 percent

IndraDrive Mi - single cable solution by Bosch Rexroth

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Since IndraDrive Mi almost completely eliminates the drive electronics installed in the control cabinet for the entire chain of drives of a machine, the cables required to supply power to and connect each component can be drastically reduced. With conventional technology, 100 cables would have to be routed through the machine with 50 connected servo drives, for example. This can very quickly lead to several hundred meters of cable being used. Cabinet-free drive technology from Rexroth, on the other hand, requires just 1 hybrid cable to connect all system drives in series. This single cable solution saves several thousand meters of cable.

Incidentally: If additional drives are subsequently needed in a machine, sensors, I/Os, and fieldbus components can be connected directly to all IndraDrive Mi drives. This even saves wiring outlay that extends beyond the scope of the system itself. Upgrade costs are minimized and flexibility and usability further improved!

Control cabinet up to 100 percent savings

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Up to 100 percent less energy consumption for control cabinet cooling

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Up to 90 % reduced wiring effort