CNC solution for perfect cutting and forming

  • CNC system MTX
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    Open, complete and high-performance CNC solution

    Flexiblie and scalable

    Innovative CNC core

    Intuitive operation and simple programming

    Ready for Industry 4.0 applications

High-speed CNC machining

The market for CNC machine tools is diverse and requires control and drive solutions that meet the requirements – from job shops to connected production lines in the Industry 4.0 environment. We have created one of the most advanced CNC platforms: the CNC system MTX, completely covering this wide range of applications.

Thanks to the modular design of hardware and software, the CNC system MTX is excellently suited for integration into a wide range of machine designs.

The CNC system MTX opens up new horizons with its extensive technology functions and excellent power data:

  • High-output milling, turning, grinding, punching, cutting, lasering and bending
  • Up to 250 axes in 60 channels with one control
  • Intuitive multi-touch operation
  • Precise and reliable machining thanks to intelligent drive technology
  • Open, decentralized system architecture and OPC UA
  • MTX

    CNC system MTX

    CNC system MTX

    CNC system MTX

    Multipurpose use

    An innovative CNC core, extensive libraries and technology packages allow fl exibility – from standard machines to fully automated production systems.

    The shortest CNC cycle times and minimum PLC processing times allow for fast, dynamic processing, reduce downtime and enable a significant increase in productivity. All this with one control for up to 250 axes in 60 independent CNC processing channels.

    Simple handling

    Convenient CNC control software, a consistent engineering framework, as well as built-in web technologies simplify the programming, unify the operation and facilitate the diagnosis.

    Open architecture

    Differentiation from the competition is becoming increasingly important. The CNC system MTX offers OEMs many opportunities to integrate specific functions – from integrating your own control functions to the implementation of your own HMI control software and even the implementation of your own algorithms and functions in the CNC core.

    Ready for Industry 4.0

    The integrated OPC UA server provides access to the control data – all in real time. Thus, the control unit can be combined with MES systems, a data analytics server, or cloud solutions with little effort.

  • MTX micro

    Compact CNC control

    CNC system MTX micro

    CNC system MTX micro

    The CNC system MTX micro is the compact, simple, powerful and yet advantageously priced CNC solution by Rexroth for a standard class of turning and milling machines. It consists of a customized HMI and a compact multi-axis control unit with high-performance CNC control and PLC.

    The CNC system MTX micro from Rexroth, the most cost-effective CNC control, is the perfect tool for standard-class turning and milling machines.

    Your benefits:

    • 2 independent CNC channels with 12 axes, whereby 4 are available for spindle functions
    • Easy to use and practical and ultra-high reliability and production accuracy – down to the nanometer
    • Machining times minimized thanks to a high-performance 32-bit processor
    • Fast, easy commissioning of the turnkey system
    • Small installation space in control cabinet required to accommodate compact multi-axis drive controller
    • Direct connection to 200 - 500 V, 50 - 60 Hz supply mains without a transformer

    All of these advantages make the CNC system MTX micro the most compact and high-performance CNC in its class.


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    Introduction video


    MTX micro Trainer

    CNC Operation and Programming of the CNC system MTX micro – learn it easily, master it quickly

    With the software MTX micro Trainer you can simulate the CNC control system MTX micro on a PC. The machine like representation of the operator panel and the user interface makes a realistic operating and programming possible - like at the real machine.

    Learn easily how to operate and create CNC programs for the MTX micro from Rexroth. Debug CNC programs in a realistic environment upfront on the PC. Master your tasks in a short time while the machine runs production.

    The programming of the MTX micro CNC programs is identical to the CNC control variants: MTX standard - MTX performance - MTX advanced.

    Your benefits:

    • Easy learning of the operation and programming of the MTX micro CNC controller
    • Testing of CNC programs in a realistic environment without the machine
    • Sample programs and documentation included
    • CNC programming is consistent with all MTX CNC controls
  • MTX standard

    Universal CNC control

    MTX standard

    A complete CNC with integrated PLC for DIN rail mounting is characterized by this controller. The modules of the new embedded control platform CML are robust, maintenance-free and high-performance. The advanced connectivity and the expandability via additional I/O terminals and function modules are creating a general purpose CNC system.

    Your benefits:

    • 2 independent CNC channels with 12 axes, whereby 4 are available for spindle functions
    • Ethernet for Sercos real-time and OPC UA communication
    • Optional SafeMotion and SafeLogic


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  • MTX performance

    The high-performance CNC control system

    MTX performance

    The CNC system MTX performance is the system solution for demanding machine tools used in rough industrial environments. The control delivers excellent performance and offers a wide range of technology functions for special requirements.

    Your benefits:

    • 12 independent CNC channels can handle up to 64 axes, of which 32 can have a spindle function
    • Ethernet for Sercos real-time and OPC UA communication
    • Optional SafeMotion and SafeLogic

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  • MTX advanced

    CNC control for most demanding requirements

    MTX advanced

    Exceptional computing power through the use of state-of-the-art multi-core processors, masses of memory and the combination of high-performance, compact industrial PCs make the CNC system MTX advanced the ideal system solution for particularly demanding applications.

    Your benefits:

    • 60 independent CNC channels can handle up to 250 axes, of which 32 can have a spindle function
    • Ethernet for Sercos real-time and OPC UA communication
    • Optional SafeMotion and SafeLogic

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  • MTX cta/ega

    Process optimization – MTX cta and MTX ega

    MTX cta and ega

    MTX cta – Cycle time analysis tool

    MTX cta makes it easy to understand complex machine tool processes. Optimization potential of NC programs and process variables is quickly and easily identified, cycle times are minimized and productivity improved.

    • Process optimization and elimination of bottleneck situations thanks to synchronized recording of CNC, PLC and drive signal data down to the millisecond
    • Easy handling of data via table-based and graphical depiction of measurement results
    • Optimization of sub-systems such as material feeders or tools changers for production machines or of machining programs for mass production

    MTX ega – Energy analysis tool

    The energy consumption of machine tools is influenced by many factors, including process sequence, tool wear and raw material tolerances. With MTX ega and the integrated energy monitor, an overview of the machine‘s energy consumption is provided at the press of a button.

    • Transparency of energy requirements as the basis for improved energy efficiency for all CNC machining technologies
    • Differentiation between machine modules
    • Simultaneous analysis of cycle time and energy requirements