I/O system S20 and S67E – I/O systems for flexible automation

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    Robust, easy and fast

    All I/O systems S20 and S67E have an extremely robust design and mechanics, are easy to handle, have a fast reaction time and are quick to install – both in the control cabinet as well as in the field.


Real-time communication with the peripherals

With the increased networking of machines, the scope and importance of control peripherals are also growing. Bosch Rexroth provides users with a comprehensive and high-performance I/O portfolio for this purpose. The I/O systems S20 and S67E reduce the engineering effort by means of easy integration. With high performance thanks to very short update times and the highest synchronicity, they provide data communication in real time, allowing for higher control quality between the controller and peripherals. The fully modular design of the I/O systems provides with maximum flexibility for the economical realization of customized machine concepts.

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  • S20

    IP20 I/O system S20 for the control cabinet

    I/O system S20

    The I/O system S20 with protection class IP20 is the freely scalable I/O system for fast cycle times and maximum precision, whether installed locally in the embedded control XM from Rexroth or as a decentralized I/O station. IP20 I/O system S20 allows for real-time applications with the shortest cycle times. The fastest I/O technology available on the market is easy to install thanks to toolless wiring, and convenient to parameterize via the IndraWorks engineering framework from Rexroth. For constantly rapid and safe signal processing. For maximum availability and time-saving, safe automation.

    • Reduced reaction times and synchronous process data processing for increased measurement accuracy, control quality, and cycle speeds
    • Individually combinable modules with extensive functionality
    • Channel-wise diagnostics via LED or in the PLC
    • Flexible integration with the Sercos automation bus, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus or PROFIBUS
    • Robust design with a standard, expanded temperature range, minimal EMC emission and high vibration resistance
    • Partitioning of local bus, electronics, and peripheral levels
    • Simple station structure and device swap thanks to the toolless installation
    • On the safe side: Safety modules for CIP Safety on Sercos and PROFIsafe on PROFINET or PROFIBUS

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  • S67E

    IP67E I/O system

    I/O system S67

    The S67E I/O system supports the globally established IO-Link communication standard and thus enables future-proof machine topologies by connecting intelligent sensors and actuators. Due to the robust design with IP65/IP67 protection and high EMC immunity, the modules are ideally suited for field installation and enable maximum flexibility for individual solutions. Even under extreme ambient conditions, they offer reliable, machine-oriented installation without the need for a control cabinet.

    • Protection class IP65/67
    • IO-Link Master according to specification V1.1
    • Open standard according to IEC61131-9 for integration of external devices
    • Extended temperature range from -25 ... +60°C as standard
    • Gateways for PROFINET and EtherCAT
    • Preventive maintenance through operating hours counter/wear indicator/diagnosis
    • Simple installation due to reduced wiring effort

  • Connectivity

    Flexible communication


    Open communication standards allow you to perfectly integrate the I/O systems S20 and S67 with maximum availability. The modules can be flexibly integrated with the Sercos automation bus, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus or PROFIBUS.

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  • Integration

    Easy Integration


    The I/O components can be easily integrated into the Rexroth control hardware: By means of the direct side-by-side arrangement of the IP20 I/O system S20 or the integration of the decentralized IP67 I/O system S67 via a variety of fieldbus couplers, I/O integration in the embedded control XM embedded control hardware is very easy. With the IndraWorks engineering framework, all I/O modules can be conveniently parameterized – by standardized description files simply integrate into the control solutions.

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  • Safety

    On the safe side


    The new safety modules IP20 I/O system S20 provide safe communication with CIP Safety on Sercos, or PROFIsafe on PROFINET and PROFIBUS.

    The safe modules can be freely combined with standard modules and offer the same advantages of simple commissioning, high robustness and short cycle times. The S20 safety modules are certified according to SIL 3 (EN 61508), SILCL 3 (EN 62061) and category 4 / PL e (EN ISO 13849-1).

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