Marginal Column



The HS4 or E04 control is used for the electrohydraulic control of the swivel angle and pressure as well as for limiting the power of variable displacement axial piston pumps.

The closed-loop control system with HS4 control consists of the following assemblies:

  • A4VS..HS4 axial piston pump with built-on 4WRE6-2X/822 proportional valve, including position transducers for sensing the swivel angle and the valve travel.
  • Recommended pressure transducer type HM20 for the acquisition of the system pressure
  • VT-VPCD amplifier card for realizing all electrical functions required for the HS4 control


  • Pressure controller with subordinate swivel angle controller
  • Mooring-capability
  • Master-slave-capability
  • Leakage compensation
  • Display for diagnostics
  • Optional field bus systems: Profibus DPV0