Programmable motion control for electro-hydraulic drives

Parameterizable controller

Parameterizable control loop structures provide common control functions. These functions make it possible to use position, velocity, pressure and force control independently or together with "jerk-free" transitions in the drive control.


Flexible standard hydraulic control

Rexroth has expanded the proven HACD family with Ethernet-capable variants.

With this parameterizable standard performance class, you receive a customized, worldwide-supported and easy-to-operate solution for the optimal control of your hydraulic system.

In accordance with our motto 'Just Enough,' you receive the most important basic controller functions tailored to your application - without compromising flexibility and the variety of interfaces as well as control quality and reliability.

Flexible interfaces:

With the HACD product family, Rexroth has consistently improved its proven bundled I/O strategy, which provides you with an optimum variety of interfaces for your specific application. This makes you even more flexible in choosing an appropriate control concept for your application.