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State-of-the-art hydraulic motor technology

The CAb 10 to 40 range is built on a proven platform and a combination of entirely new design and technology, with energy efficiency at its core.

Its modular design and very few part numbers attract a wide variety of combination and configuration possibilities simultaneously. And, as well as following our 4EE energy efficiency philosophy, further accessories are planned and currently in development. The range comprises four frame sizes and the motors weigh 45-65% less than any comparable competitor’s motor.

The development of the range is in line with the renowned features associated with Hägglunds motors in general, including:

  • Client collaboration
  • Direct drive, no gearbox or foundation
  • Wide product range within motor series
  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Small dimensions (diameter, length and weight)
  • Full torque throughout the speed range
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Long service life
  • High efficiency/energy saving
  • Flexible interfaces
  • A large program of accessories for the hydraulic motors is in development

The story of the Hägglunds CAb 10 to 40 drive range

The range will be launched initially for the plastics industry for injection molding and subsequently for the Marine & Offshore, Mobile and Recycling industries, among others.

When developing new solutions that must be tailored to meet specific and detailed needs, there are many advantages of partnering with Bosch Rexroth. Our Global presence offers worldwide support, solutions and services in local areas. We are, in fact, a one-stop-shop with a wide range of accessories and, of course, unsurpassed reliability.