A customer’s dream comes to life at Bosch Rexroth

Behind the Beast’s powerful benefits

Central to our core is our commitment to our customers, understanding their needs and creating solutions to meet those needs. This has been proven time and time again, because at Bosch Rexroth, when customers talk hydraulic motors, we know what they want. They want products that are powerful, efficient, flexible and reliable.

The Hidden Beast is a direct result of that commitment. When a customer from the plastics industry approached us and asked us to design a hydraulic motor that was smaller, stronger, more reliable and more energy efficient than any other ever, we accepted the challenge. We listened carefully to their concerns and requirements, discussed possibilities, and began planning immediately.

The result is our new Hägglunds CAb 10 to 40 gearless motor range. Stronger, smaller, more efficient and more flexible than any other hydraulic motor range on the market, this range delivers the highest power density, and full torque and full speed simultaneously to outperform any of its rivals.

The Hidden Beast offers the plastics, Marine & Offshore, mobile and recycling industries benefits like no other hydraulic motor range before.

Take your plastics injection molding operation to a whole new level of performance.


Explore the power of the CAb 10-40



Delivering full speed and full torque simultaneously, The Hidden Beast eliminates the need for over dimensioning by OEMs and gives end-users a completely optimized solution for their customer’s systems.

Torque ranges from 1,945 Nm up to 9,720 Nm (1435 to 7169 lb f* ft [GJB1] ) with motor weights ranging from only 46-95 kg (102-209 lb). This results in an unparalleled power/weight ratio of up to 3.3 kW/kg (2.0 hp/lb).


The CAb 10 to 40 range takes efficiency to a whole new level. These motors are not only smaller but use far less energy, even in the high-speed range.

Furthermore, increased production and a lower lifecycle cost make the CAb 10 to 40 range attractive to OEMs and end-users alike.



There are 14 configurations of the motor and throughout the range there are two mechanical interfaces, offering increased flexibility.. OEMs will discover the advantages offered by motors that eliminate the need to adapt a machine’s basic construction, as well as offering a substantial reduction in the amount of installation space needed. For end-users, this adds up to a far smaller footprint.

The torque range covering many steps between 1,842Nm up to 9,212Nm (in relatively small steps) optimizes the supply of power and consequently delivers greater energy efficiency and energy savings.

Clients are able to choose different motor sizes according to their needs and, because there are only two mechanical interfaces in all configurations, adaption is simplified. There is no need to change the basic construction when upgrading to a new motor.


With its low weight, less vibrations, lower noise and small torque steps, OEMs can emphasize their machine’s performance like no other. Combined with less strain on the drive shaft and the fact that the foundation does not need to be as strong as for competitors’ motors, the CAb 10 to 40 range makes it easier to optimize for machine requirements.

Based on a well-known and proven technical platform, OEMs and end-users are assured proven reliability with a trusted drive system. The CAb 10 to 40 range has been tested extensively. These tests include:

  • Lifetime test with 8 x CAb 10
  • Axial load testing
  • Seal testing

Tests were undertaken on 20 motors and were later tested with their pilot customers.