Hydraulic Motor Products

Radial Hägglunds piston motors

Bosch Rexroth hydraulic motors open up new possibilities of higher productivity and reliability, leading to lower overall investments and increased long-term revenue. Bosch offers the world’s widest hydraulics range comprising standard products, application-related systems and customized customer-specific hydraulic solutions. Bosch offers 3 types of hydraulic motors: axial piston motors, external gear motors and radial piston motors.

Axial piston motors stand out due to their robustness, reliability, low noise emissions and high efficiency in medium and high-pressure applications.

External gear motors are cost-effective and come in a variety of designs to maximize your industrial potential. These motors can be either one-directional or reversible.

Bosch Rexroth’s radial piston motors (Hägglunds) are the world’s most powerful. They deliver 50% more torque, a high torque to weight ratio and modular design, offering industry-leading standards.

Axial Piston Motors

Axial Piston Motors

The Bosch Axial piston motors come in 2 models: axial piston fixed displacement motor and variable displacement motors. These models are axial tapered pistons of bentaxis design, for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits. They are intended to be used in mobile and stationary applications.

External gear motors

External Gear Motors

External gear motors are produced in 3 models with different displacements, being produced by means of gears of differing widths. They can be used in road construction machines, big street vehicles, agricultural machines and forestry technology within lumber industry.

Radial Piston Motors

Radial piston motors have a high power-to-weight ratio which means great performance, but also lower energy consumption. While maintaining the small and compact shape, the radial piston motors are built for high power capacity and can work at high speed and high pressure.