Your Benefits


With a maximum torque of 2000 kNm the Hägglunds CBm is quite simply the most powerful direct drive on the market.

This powerful direct drive does more with less and lets you do the same. With 50% more torque and up to 50% less weight than it’s predecessor the Hägglunds CBm motor offers an outstanding torque-to-weight ratio.

The Hägglunds CBm motor is capable of full torque from zero speed, and can maintain the starting torque indefinitely. The Hägglunds CBm has been designed to keep you moving.

Hydraulic direct drives are completely gearless and allow for infinite speed variations that can be used to fine-tune processes. Additionally, they can operate in all four quadrants, moving forward or backward in either driving or breaking mode. No adjustments or special equipment are necessary to achieve this.

Your driven machine is protected from torque stresses due to overload or shock load, thanks to the very low moment of inertia. No matter what challenges you’re faced with the Hägglunds CBm motor is designed to withstand even the harshest environments.