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  • Full Range of On/Off Valves from Bosch Rexroth
    Directional Valve

    Hydraulic Valves

    At Bosch Rexroth, we are the global leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic control valves for industrial and mobile applications.

  • Full Range of On/Off Valves from Bosch Rexroth
    Pressure reducing valves

    Hydraulic Valves

    The world’s widest range of cost-efficient, reliable and robust valves to suit all types of applications. From directional to proportional, pressure, flow and check to logic cartridges and sandwich valves, we have everything you need to optimize your systems.


Valves you can rely on

At Bosch Rexroth, we offer the largest range of on/off, logic, safety and pressure other hydraulic valves – wider than any competitor’s – for all types of applications. From isolator and pressure valves to flow control and directional cartridge valves, you will find exactly what you need to achieve an optimal solution.


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Bosch Rexroth logic valves increase flexibility

The new Bosch Rexroth valve series featuring ISO 7368 standardized cavities carries the principle of modular design over to hydraulics. You can directly mount almost any LFA logic cover in the Rexroth standard program, which in turn allows you to create any hydraulic function imaginable. This increases flexibility for later modifications, as only the logic cover needs to be replaced to adapt the functionality to new requirements.

Isolator valves

Isolator valves

Valves that block the flow in one direction safely and leakage-free and simultaneously allow for free flow in the opposite direction (check valves and prefill valves).

Directional valves

Directional valves

Valves controlling the flow direction and thus the direction of movement or rotation of hydraulic actuators (directional seat valves or spool valves, direct operated or pilot operated.

Pressure valves

Pressure valves

Valves having a pre-determined effect on the operating pressure in a system or a part of a system (pressure relief valves, pressure sequence valves, pressure cut-off valves and pressure reducing valves).

Flow control valve

Flow control valves

Valves controlling the flow and thus the speed of hydraulic actuators (throttle valves and flow control valves).

Directional cartridge valves

2-way cartridge valves

2-way cartridge valves are elements that have been designed for a compact block design. The power part is installed in a receiving hole of the manifold according to ISO 7368 and closed with a control cover.