The intelligent standard ABPAC power unit: Configurable, networkable, energy-efficient

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As a modularly designed series ABPAC hydraulic power units are made up of standardized modules and are optimized for Industry 4.0, with features such as:

  • Decentralized intelligence
  • Open interface
  • Connection to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PCs

ABPAC: Individual power units quickly designed

With its new ABPAC series hydraulic power units Bosch Rexroth offers flexible and energy efficient compressed air supply units which are ideally suited for stationary equipment such as cutting machine tools, wood processing or presses and plastic processing machines. To reduce design and delivery times a high priority was placed on standardized components and processes.

  • Short delivery times, quick off the mark
  • Smart condition monitoring with open core interface
  • Mobile access, intuitive control, power efficient
  • Individual: the right drive for every application
  • Energy saving: with variable speed Sytronix drives
  • Tank capacity: 100 up to 400 liters
  • Special functions for cooling, noise reduction and efficiency



Power units for Industry 4.0

Opening up the field of hydraulics for data exchange within the meaning of Industry 4.0 was a further concern for Bosch Rexroth. To cater for this, ABPAC also offers a sensor package for comprehensive condition monitoring of all relevant system states. Integration of the open core interface with open interfaces seamlessly connects the PLC to the corporate IT system.

The high-level languages used for this task also support a wide range of device platforms. This not only enables local control of the system, but also supports visualization of physical states with an intuitive web browser interface. This means that users can also use mobile devices such as a smartphones or tablet PCs to access the system data for condition monitoring and to make adjustments. Equip your production for the future – Industry 4.0.


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