Electrohydraulic Control System for Pressure and Flow
Scalable, energy-saving, high-precision

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    SY(H)DFE is an electro-hydraulic control system based on axial piston variable displacement pumps for:

    - Pressure control

    - Flow control

    - Alternating p/Q control and

    - Power limitation (optional)



With nominal volumes of 18 to 355 ccm, SYDFE pump systems enable a uniform control concept for a wide range of machine types and sizes.

A variety of mechanical and electrical interfaces thereby allows flexible use in many different machine concepts. Extensive controller functions and hydraulic options ensure optimum adjustment of the pump system to individual requirements.

For existing axial piston pumps the use of SYDFE controls can cost-effectively increase performance and energy efficiency.

Best in class.

With over 100,000 units in the field, SY(H)DFE is a mature and optimized product range. Thanks to many years of application experience, it was possible to equip the control system with extensive features and options and therefore flexibly and optimally meet the specific requirements of different target industries.



Throttling losses can be reduced and high energy savings achieved by the electronic SYDFE control. Optionally, the SYDFEN demand-oriented speed control allows for additional energy savings. Optimum combinations of speed-controlled electrical drives and variable displacement pumps are also available as Sytronix DFE pre-configured energy-saving solutions.


Thanks to extensive know-how from many years of application experience, the SYDFE pump systems have optimized hydraulic controllers. With the pump system SYDFE, they allow users continuous, highly dynamic and precise control of pressure, flow and performance.

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Fields of application:

  • Plastics processing machines
  • Presses
  • Smelting and rolling mill technology
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Various special machines
  • and much more