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    More than 90% of the life cycle costs are determined during the design phase. As a partner already in the engineering phase of the installation, Rexroth can save you maintenance time and costs, not to mention improving availability over the complete life cycle.

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Please get in contact with our large hydraulic cylinder service headquarters directly through:

Telephone: +31 (411) 651 951


Rexroth service engineers are Offshore certified according to NOGEPA, OLF and OPITO.


Service for Large Hydraulic Cylinders

Special products deserve special attention. This is why Bosch Rexroth offers dedicated specialized service for Large Hydraulic Cylinders. We deliver OEM spare parts and other related service activities, such as maintenance, modifications, modernization etc. Additionally a task force of field service engineers, on a case by case basis, can perform service on any other suitable location worldwide.