The Cyclone Effect

Bosch Rexroth Filter Cyclone Effect

Extend filter lifetime with The Cyclone Effect

Bosch Rexroth’s Cyclone Effect technology can help you enhance dirt-absorption capacities and, as a result, increase the time between filter changeovers.

Rather than flowing against the filter element, fluid flows on a tangent. It then travels to the bottom of the filter in a spiral motion. The core of the filter element comprises six layers of asymmetrical positioned, inorganic glass fiber media. This combination of filter layers achieves highly efficient filtration and increased capacity for holding dirt, while minimizing pressure loss.

Other Cyclone Effect features

  • Mechanical/electronic contamination indicator monitors the filter
  • Light alloy construction makes it ideal for mineral, synthetic and bio oils, as well as HFC hydraulic fluids

The NEW Cyclone Effect technology increases dirt-holding capacity and increases the time between filter changeovers.

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The Cyclone effect
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