The Future of Hydraulics is connected.

The Future of Hydraulics is connected.

You want a compact power unit with energy savings of up to 80 percent and all of that fully networked? Learn here how to implement this:

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CytroBox - Discover this world innovation at EuroBLECH 2018!

With a view towards Industry 4.0, a data interface is essential for the future viability of the hydraulic power unit. Only with permanent condition monitoring can machine downtimes be prevented and availability increased. Equipped with a sensor package and open interfaces, the CytroBox is predestined for use in Industry 4.0.


Cleverly connected to condition monitoring




The Future of Hydraulics conserves on energy.

Less Consumption.
More Efficiency.

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The Future of Hydraulics is uncompromisingly compact.

Less Space.
More Power.

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The Future of Hydraulics is really quiet.

Less Noise Emissions.
More Flexibility.

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