Integrated measuring system IMScompact

  • Mount & Guide & Measure: fully adjusted Plug & Play complete system
  • Construction-space neutral, integrated measuring head electronics
  • Sizes 15, 20, and 25 in six runner block designs
  • Wrappable scale, can be installed over joints
  • Dirt-resistant magnetic measuring principle

Product overview

With the new integrated, magnetic measuring system "IMScompact", Rexroth expands their product range of integrated measuring systems and thus opens up an extended area of application for linear position measurement systems.

With minimal spatial requirements, i.e. the new size 15, a maximum measuring length of up to 17.8 meters across rail joints, with incremental and absolute interfaces as well as with a simplified structural design, the new IMScompact series supplements the highly precise IMS inductive measuring system. It is applied in a wide variety of fields in automation technology, wood and plastics processing, sheet metal working, linear direct drive technology and general mechanical engineering.

The proven Rexroth quality characteristics of interchangeable design, modularity, robustness and easy assembly were consistently continued here. In connection with superior logistics, the global distribution and service, the customer will benefit from simplified work across the entire value adding chain from structural design, purchasing and logistics to assembly and maintenance.



Subject to change, status 2022-03-15 12:06:00