Electromechanical Cylinder


  • High-precision ball screw assemblies: for high performance with maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Complete building system with great variability: can be adapted to a wide range of applications
  • Complete turn-key system: minimal construction and installation effort
  • The smart, freely programmable drive system allows the realization of complex travel profiles (parameters for force, position and travel speed can be set as required over the complete working travel range).
  • Optimized lubrication concept: optional connection to a one-point lubrication system reduces downtime.

variable complete system: hygienic, flexible, energy efficient

Its high degree of versatility makes the EMC so interesting for many industries and applications. By using the available configuration options, a cheaper, simpler base cylinder can be adjusted to virtually any customer requirement: chemical-resistant, with perfect sealing and a high IP type of protection. All these properties ensure a long life – even under harsh industrial conditions. The powerful Electromechanical Cylinder always performs very efficiently. The resulting energy saving potential makes it an economical alternative to pneumatic systems.

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