Linear Modules

  • Linear modules are available in variable lengths up to a maximum of 12 meters
  • With integrated zero-clearance Ball Rail Systems or Cam Roller Guides
  • Powerful belt drives or ball screw drives for reliable movements
  • Extremely compact aluminum frame with high inherent stiffness

Rexroth linear modules are precise, ready-to-install guide systems with high performance features in compact dimensions. With their high load ratings, optimal travel characteristics and combinability with different drive types, the precise guide systems make it possible to implement specific requirements, especially for moving large masses at high speeds.

  • Linear modules with Ball Rail System and Precision Ball Screw Assembly
  • Available in five sizes in lengths up to 5400 mm
  • Protection of Ball Rail System and Ball Screw Assembly by a sealing strip (bellows cover on MKK-165)
  • Screw support for the realization of high speeds on long assembly lengths. Suitable for horizontal installation (for MKK-080, MKK-110 and MKK-140, product generation 3)
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.005 mm
  • Linear Module with a Ball Rail system and toothed belt drive
  • The integrated, backlash-free Rexroth ball rail system enables large masses to be moved at high speed due to the high load ratings and optimal travel
  • High-performance toothed belt in the largest possible width for high drive torques with simultaneously high rigidity
  • Available in six sizes in lengths up to 9800 mm
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.05 mm
  • Frame made of anodized aluminum profile with high rigidity
  • Two Ball Rail Systems with cover strips for high torque capacity
  • Aluminum profile carriage with four long Ball Runner Blocks
  • Driven by toothed belt for traversing speeds of up to 5 m/s
  • Ready-to-install linear modules in any length up to Lmax.
  • Extremely compact aluminum profile with integrated Rexroth Cam Roller Guides
  • Driven by toothed belt for traversing speeds of up to 10 m/s
  • Carriage with T-slots for fastening attachments
  • The Rexroth Cam Roller Guide features one-point lubrication from both sides; lubrication is only suitable for oil lubrication.

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