Precision Modules


When a ball rail system and a ball screw are integrated within a compact frame, the result is a neat-sized but very powerful linear module. Miniaturized PSK Systems meet the speed and precision requirements of modern production machines.

The internal runner blocks and carriages are driven by a precision ball screw with zero-clearance nut system. The units achieve travel speeds of up to 96 m/minute and a positioning repeatability of up to 0.005 mm.

An extensive range of accessories is provided, including plate or strip covers, clamping fixtures for fastening, and a system for attachment of Hall sensors or Reed contacts and for cable ducting. All PSK models can be equipped with any of several motor-controller combinations.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimal running properties, high load capacities, high precision and high rigidity thanks to integrated Rexroth ball rail system.
  • Rapid mounting and easy axis alignment due to machined reference edge on the frame.
  • Low-cost maintenance through one-point lubrication (grease) of the ball rail system and the ball screw assembly
  • Switches can be mounted anywhere along the entire travel range
  • Precise alignment and easy fastening of attachments using threads and pin holes in the carriage.