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Linear Motion Technology Handbook


The handbook presents the basic principles of linear motion technology along with practical tips and tricks. The publication is intended for designers, developers, procurement professionals and university students and faculty members.

The first part of the book contains physical background information about the most important aspects of linear motion technology. The list of topics in this section includes the design, principles of operation and characteristics of linear motion components. It also discusses in detail engineering aspects such as rolling contact, service life, preload, rigidity, precision and lubrication.

Subsequent chapters describe the design and technical characteristics of our linear bushings and shafts, profiled rail systems, screw drives and turn-key linear motion systems. Decision aids and tips on product selection, mounting and installation along with guidelines for cost-efficient design provide valuable assistance in practical application.

A substantial part of the handbook covers how to calculate, dimension and configure the guidance and drive components.

This includes detailed calculation of the components’ life expectancy, calculation of the static load safety factors, determination of the critical screw speed, and drive dimensioning.

The information presented in the handbook reflects extensive applications expertise and experience with the different linear motion products and their fields of application.