Profiled Rail Systems


Rexroth offers a comprehensive range of profiled rail system products.

As an end-user, you will always find that Rexroth stocks the right product for your specific needs.

Ball Rail Systems

Rexroth ball rail systems are ball-bearing longitudinal guides. They are available in eight common standard sizes. Our customers fit them to machine tools, industrial robots and to an extremely wide range of special machines.

Roller Rail Systems

Rexroth roller rail systems are compact, roller-bearing linear guides with a very high load capacity and extreme rigidity.

Available in sizes 25 to 125 they are used successfully in a wide range of applications, from machine tools, printing machines and paper manufacturing plants, spraying units and industrial robots, to stamping presses and heavy machinery in general.

Integrated Measuring System for Profiled Rail Systems

The integrated measuring system for ball and roller rail systems is comprised of scanner bolted to the runner block and a scale integrated in the rail.

Cam Roller Guides

Rexroth cam roller guides are used in the materials-handling and automation-technology sector. They are designed to run at high speeds (up to 10 meters per second).