Automated basketball hoop in the garage with the construction team


Fully automated system for the basketball hoops used in the s.Oliver Arena, Würzburg.


Integrated raising/lowering system with the EMC Electromechanical Cylinder.


"Thanks to the EMC, the s.Oliver Arena now has a future-proof and convenient basketball hoop system that also saves money.”

Wolfgang Küllstädt, Head of Design and Construction at Bosch Rexroth

Project team playing basketball with the automated basketball hoop from Rexroth

Solved with

EMC, controlled with a mobile unit

  • User-specific design and modification
  • Advisory assistance, delivery, installation & service

Rexroth Linear Motion Technology in professional basketball



Move it - Win it - Dunk it

Location: the s.Oliver Arena, home of the basketball team s.Oliver Würzburg. In the arena, the basketball hoops are raised and lowered fully automatically. The heart of the system is the proven EMC Electromechanical Cylinder made by Bosch Rexroth.

Any host to world-class basketball has to be able to rely completely on the technology. This is why the s.Oliver Arena in Würzburg counts on the know-how of Rexroth and creates an extraordinary application of Linear Motion Technology with its basketball hoops. The solution was generated during an idea competition that Bosch Rexroth organized at the University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The task: To develop an application with the help of the EMC that could replace the existing mechanical unit. After all, with the old system it took up to six people to set up and remove the basketball hoops. The new system operates fully automatically. The EMC is set into motion via a mobile control unit. The unit automatically raises and lowers itself. The high-precision ball screw assembly facilitates exact positioning that will remain fi rmly anchored even when it is subjected to signifi cant force – like that generated during a dunk.

Economic, efficient and safe

In sports and event logistics, basketball hoops must meet a wide range of occupational safety requirements. With several thousand movement cycles that occur each year, occupational safety is signifi cantly increased because the automation systematically eliminates the risk of injury. The EMC with protection class IP 65 also creates a good protection against dirt and liquids while also preventing lubricant leaks. The EMC used in the basketball hoops at the s.Oliver Arena makes quite an impression not just as a result of its effi ciency. The complete, ready-for-use system requires little eff ort to construct and assemble. It is always the technology of choice for applications in customary industrial areas.


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