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Robust and high-precision Linear Motion Technology for processing large machine parts from natural stone.


Precision-optimized Roller and Ball Rail Systems supplemented with hydraulic and drive solutions.


“With Rexroth as our partner we can ensure a consistent level of quality and delivery capability as a full service provider.”

Egbert Reitz,
Reitz Natursteintechnik

Solved with

  • Roller and Ball Rail Systems RSHP and BSHP
  • IMS-A Integrated Measuring System
  • Hydraulic and drive systems
  • Individual consulting
  • Reliable delivery and service

With over 200 meters of high-precision Roller Rail Systems, the fully automated CNC machine from Reitz Natursteintechnik achieves tolerances of under 15 μm.


"Rock-hard" accuracy

Dust, water and handling granite blocks weighing several tons make for the toughest production conditions. Nonetheless, Reitz Natursteintechnik manages to craft the required machine beds out of stone with precision. Their secret? High-precision, robust Linear Motion Technology from Bosch Rexroth. The partnership is a success factor – for their own production as well as for the growing business of pre-assemblies and complete assemblies.

Reitz Natursteintechnik grinds and laps granite blocks weighing up to 60 tons into micrometer-precise machine foundations and machine bodies, amounting to over 1,500 tons a year. Despite its gigantic dimensions of 32 x 10.5 x 15 m, the fully automated machining center achieves a surface quality of less than 15 μm. The secret behind the 1,800 t machine: over 200 m of Roller Rail Systems High Precision (RSHP) from Bosch Rexroth. On 3.5 m tall supports, a 150-tonne granite bridge travels in the direction of the X-axis on four 32-meter-long Roller Rail Systems in size 65 fitted together seamlessly. The working spindle moves along the Y-axis aided by four linear guides in size 55. Lastly, the spindle is positioned in the Z-direction with precision also by means of four Roller Rail Systems in size 55. The Runner Blocks each reach a dynamic load capacity of 174,000 N.

Linear Motion Technology, drives and hydraulics from a single source

The working spindle’s drive including the motor and Ball Screw Drive all come from Bosch Rexroth, as does the hydraulics for the tool changer. Furthermore, the high performance components and systems are firmly established in Reitz Natursteintechnik’s growing special-purpose machinery. Thus approximately 900 granite base frames for circuit board drilling machines used in smartphone production were additionally provided with high-precision Ball Rail Systems BSHP. The Integrated Measuring System IMS-A is used for absolute and highly precise measuring tasks. “In our development into a full service provider, our partnership with Bosch Rexroth ensures we have a consistent level of quality and delivery capability,” says owner Egbert Reitz, summing up. “Our customers benefit from minimum time to market and international service.”