An alternative to distance measurement using glass scales: just as precise and dynamic but less susceptible to dirt.


Maintenance-free and robust: inductive measurement thanks to linear guide with integrated measuring system.


“The new measuring system is just as precise but more stable and compact. This frees up space and makes many processes from engineering to maintenance easier.”

Karsten Radestock, Flying Optic developer, Trumpf Machine Tools

Solved with

  • With SIEMENS DRIVE-CLiQ in certain cases
  • BSHP ball rail system
  • Consultation and testing

Linear Motion Technology: Inductive detection of axes movements

Laser-sharp path measurement

For laser cutting, the machine tool manufacturer TRUMPF relies on the IMS inductive distance measuring system from Bosch Rexroth. Thanks to its robust design, it avoids the typical problems encountered with glass scales. It is less susceptible to dirt, copes with high dynamics and simplifies processes from engineering to maintenance.

2x gravitational acceleration and speeds of up to 300 m/min allow the cutting units of TruLaser machines to “fly” at high speeds over the workpiece. The linear motion technology must be able to cope with the enormous dynamics yet measure the axes movements with great precision. This is often difficult with glass scales because the material melted by the laser is deposited on them and leads to measurement errors. Regular cleaning costs time and money.

Inductive distance measuring: precise, robust and cost-eff ective

Following in-depth tests, the IMS inductive measuring system proved to be a robust and stable alternative to glass scales. When combined with the BSHP ball rail system from Bosch Rexroth, it achieved an equally high level of measurement precision. The system will be able to follow with even greater dynamics in the future. TRUMPF now uses the IMS in five different machine series.

Reduced installation, production and maintenance times

Because the IMS is integrated into the linear guide, mounting requires fewer connection points. Plug and play commissioning and the quick connection of drives via the optional SIEMENS DRIVE-CLiQ interface help to save even more time. The IMS also allows easy maintenance. For example, the runner block can be replaced independently of the measuring system. Last but not least, the IMS provides up-to-date contamination data for predictive maintenance and even greater availability in the field.