Ball Screw Assemblies: Lifetime increased by 80 percent!



Lifetime of the ball screw assemblies increased by 80 percent

Bosch Rexroth increased the dynamic load capacity thanks to continuously improved production processes and manufacturing expertise. Caused to that, the lifetime of the ball screw assemblies has increased by up to 80 percent!

Continuous improvement process

As a leading manufacturer of linear motion technology, Bosch Rexroth has relied on the cold shaping rolling process for screw manufacturing for decades. During this time the company has continuously increased its manufacturing expertise and improved its processes. At the same time, the manufacturer has also further developed the processes for producing nuts. These improvements in both screw and nut production have increased the dynamic load capacity of the ball screw assemblies by 20 percent. The dynamic load capacity is a decisive parameter for the size selection and the service life of ball screw assemblies.

The improved dynamic load capacity increases the nominal life of the ball screw assemblies from Rexroth by up to 80 percent. Comprehensive stress and life cycle tests in various usage scenarios validate these values.

Smaller size with the same power

Design engineers can therefore use a smaller size in many cases to deliver the same required amount of power. This reduces system costs, saves installation space and lowers the weight.