Ball Transfer and Tolerance Rings


Components and machine elements from Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth's Ball Transfer Units have proven valuable as integral parts of materials handling systems and feed devices supporting machining and packaging equipment.

Tolerance rings are machine elements for the cost-efficient fastening of belt pulleys, flywheels, pump rotors and fan blades, as well as the installation of ball bearings and the fastening of operating elements and simple machine parts.


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Ball Transfer Units

Ball Transfer Units

Rexroth ball transfer units allow unit loads to be pushed, turned and steered with ease. They have been fully tried and tested as key modules of conveyor and feed systems, machining units and packing lines.

Tolerance Rings

Tolerance Rings

Tolerance rings made of hard, embossed spring band steel are frictional-locking connection elements. Rexroth tolerance rings allow components to be connected quickly and cost-effectively. They replace elaborate positive-locking feather-key, pin, spline or screw-in connections, and help avoid expensive machining work.


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