Digitalization of Linear Motion Technology

Digitalization of Linear Motion Technology

5 steps to the Factory of the Future.

Linear Motion Technology in the Factory of the Future

With our Linear Motion Technology, you will be able to capture and optimize processes and wear sooner and more accurately than ever before. Linear technology will take over more and more measuring and positioning tasks in the Factory of the Future.

From configuration and ordering to commissioning, during operation, up to diagnostics and maintenance, we will support you along the entire process chain - for maximum productivity and a shorter time-to-market.

For Linear Motion Technology first solutions are already available as a basis for digital services. We are constantly working on further approaches that will be available in the coming years.

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Into the future with Linear Motion Technology


5 steps into the Factory of the Future

1. Product Selection and Configuration

With our seamless online tools, you can configure linear axes and, in future, even entire multi-axis systems much easier and faster. After entering constraints such as stroke, workpiece weight, and cycle time, the tools generate suggestions that the user verify in their CAD environment. In the future, a digital twin will accompany the components and systems for the whole lifecycle. It will be integrated into all virtual environments and it will be possible e.g. to load successful simulations directly into the control.

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2. Ordering and Delivery

The data generated in the configurator are complete in every detail and products can be ordered easily with a mouse click. In the future, we will also offer you the opportunity to track the order status.

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3. Commissioning

In the future, all system data will be available for commissioning - including all axis data. That saves a lot of time. The axis parameters can be stored digitally in different products, whether in the motor encoder, in the integrated measuring system or in the digital nameplate.

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4. Operation

In the future, sensors will permanently determine all operating and environmental data such as temperature or vibrations. The sensors can be integrated, for example, in the runner block of linear guides. Or they are attached externally to the axes and connected via open interfaces. Another option is offered by Rexroth's intelligent servomotors, which also handle sensor functions.

The sensor data will be transmitted to our cloud service for analysis. So OEE data e.g. machine availability, quality or efficiency will be displayed on a smart device in real time. For maximum transparency.

5. Service and Maintenance

The evaluation of the sensor information will give you in the future indications of necessary maintenance and service tasks up to the spare part order.

Due to the digital nameplate, the parts list and configuration of the linear modules is known, the relevant spare parts are displayed directly in our online shop and can be ordered with just a few clicks.

Further necessary aids for eliminating errors such as manuals and how-to videos will be suggested.

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We look forward to inform you about digitalization!

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