Rexroth's EasyHandling makes the automation of handling systems much easier, faster and more economical.

EasyHandling is more than just a modular set of mechanical components. It completes the evolutionary transition to a comprehensive system solution: drive and control technologies, standardized interfaces and a revolutionary new commissioning assistant, all of which are perfectly matched.

Perfect interaction between these elements reduces engineering, assembly and commissioning time by up to 80 percent.

The simpler way to get the result you want

EasyHandling takes care of a lot of the work for users who are implementing tailored solutions, and it gives them the help they really need in all phases of the project

The faster route to the optimal application

EasyHandling offers excellent scalability. It will take you next to no time to make the changes necessary to get your system ready to meet current and future needs.

Greater efficiency saves you money

EasyHandling is designed to optimize the process from engineering right through to the operational phase.

This reduces the strain on resources across the board.